Wednesday, 8 May 2013

ROW80 Mid Week Check In - nearly at 30%

Tonight I actually managed to write 5 1/2 pages of foolscap which took me to 1246 words total. Not bad for a night where I was so tired I just wanted to settle down with a good book, a hot cup of tea, and listen to the storm outside the window. :)

Perhaps what got me through the 'I don't really want to write tonight' mood was thinking about how I could show up and connect with the story in a peaceful and restful way. I sat in a comfortable chair, listened to a meditation to help me unwind, and then wrote for a few minutes in my novel notebook about the story and some things that occured to me. Then a first line popped into my head - my hero asking a question - and it just flowed from there.

So, my goals:

Write at least four pages of foolscap each writing session (800 words approx)
Done. Only missed one night so far this month, and that was for a very good cause. Date Night with the hubster.

Some writing related activity (be it writing, plotting, worldbuilding etc.) - even if for only 5 minutes - every day
This is also taken care of, in addition to the actual writing, because I write down my thoughts in my novel notebook before each session.

A first draft almost complete (no matter how rough) by the end of this Round
I'm moving towards this day by day... And I'm very near to the 30% mark of this month's 25K goal. Woo hoo!

How are you all doing?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday Check-in: Writing Scared

It happened again yesterday. I put it off as long as I could. I surfed the 'net; I did some housework; I shopped; I looked after hubby and toddler; but always in the back of my mind was the niggling thought "Tonight I have to write four pages of foolscap AT LEAST".

And that scared me.

Image couresy of Wiki Commons

The fear is always there, but it's particularly strong if I miss a day or two of writing writing (i.e. not worldbuilding, character profiling, or plotting). I'm afraid of sitting down and nothing happening. No words appearing for me to write. I am afraid of not writing, so a part of me thinks if I don't show up to write, then I won't feel the loss and disappointment that the writing didn't come, because I wasn't there for it not to come.

Does that make sense?

Yet, not showing up is a deliberate 'not writing', the very thing I'm afraid of!

I named this blog Stepping Stones for a reason, and the url is not by chance, either: it was all about taking small steps, one step at a time. It was about being calm and relaxed. Not rushing, not putting myself under pressure.

All I have to do is show up. And I need to make a distinction between showing up and the end result. The end result has nothing to do with me (that's Inspiration, or the Divine, or the Muse) but the showing up? That's when the ball is firmly in my court and I can either come onto the court and play the game or walk away. My choice.

Showing up is very easy, really. It's simply sitting down and picking up the pen. It's daydreaming about my characters and their story. I'ts listening to my playlist and letting the music lull me further into the story. It's thinking about the possible twists and turns the story can take. It's about allowing myself to be inspired. Giving myself the opportunity to be inspired, regardless of whether or not the inspiration turns up in the end.

I don't expect the fear will ever go away. But I don't have to let it stop me from sitting down and picking up my pen.

Showing up. That's my job. That's all I have to do.

And let the results take care of themselves.

Gotta remember that. :)

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Midweek Check In - and another 25K goal to reach!

It's 1st May and time to get myself settled down for another 25K wordcount goal.

Image Courtesy of
Writing - after reaching the 25K mark in April - came to a halt because I started focusing on the romance subplot and wondering how on earth I was going to get my characters together. I mean, how was I going to write a believable romance, given what I know about my characters, and the difficulty they have communicating - they don't speak the same language - and I don't mean in a Mars and Venus way; they LITERALLY don't speak the same language.

It was clearly time to internet surf.

First of all I went looking for some (recent) articles on the 12 Steps of Intimacy. I already knew what they were, but I wondered if anyone out there had actually filled out the bullet point list with details. Here's what I found:

And then I moved on to how to write a believable relationship and this is what I found:

And, as it is so very common to do, while I was looking for material on creating a believable relationship I found some very interesting articles on how to map character relationships with all the other characters and how to create a breakdown of how the characters feel about one another:

All in all, quite a productive surf ... I just need to sit down now and get started. Tonight's session is all about my two main characters and the romance element of the story.

Wish me luck!