Saturday, 22 August 2015

3 things that have inspired me recently

I've written about them in G+ and you can find them here:

At some stage I'll update what I'm thinking of doing with this inspiration. Just have to let it percolate for the moment. ;)

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Vlog Update - back on track! :)

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I thought I'd do something different for this update so I put together a vlog in which I briefly discuss some of the writing resources that have gotten me back on track with my novel. (See list below video.)

Bear in mind that I am not aiming to be a Professional Writer - I lean far more towards the Writer-Artist end of the spectrum (or Artist-Author as Jami Gold describes it in her post) - and my writing goals are something similar to Diana Gabaldon's when she first started writing:
  • I will not stop, I am going to write and finish the whole novel (no matter how long it takes);
  • I will do my best each time I sit down to write.
These are my goals because, very simply, I want to write the sort of book that I love reading. That's my focus. And just as it was for her, I'm learning how to write a book as I go along. This is going to take as long as it's going to take and I'm ok with that. :)

One thing I have learned is that until I have gone as deep into the story as I can, there's no point in trying to fit the "bare threads" story onto the frame called Structure. Story and Structure are equally important, but Story has to come first, otherwise there's nothing to fit over the Structure.

And so, onto the vlog. Apologies for the traffic noises in advance! :)

This is a blog hop. Check out my fellow ROW80ers.

List of resources mentioned in the video:

  • The 90 Day Novel by Alan Watt (available on Amazon and at Kobo)
  • Take off your Pants by Libbie Hawker (Kindle ebook)
  • The Anatomy of Story by John Truby (print book, Kindle ebook, Kobo ebook)
  • Super Structure by James Scott Bell (Kindle ebook, Kobo ebook)
  • Jami Gold's beatsheets 

Also, I will not be taking part in Round 2 as our second child is due not long after it starts, so I'll wish you all the very best with your Round 2 goals now. :)

Monday, 2 February 2015

My First Writing Playdate!

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This weekend was very productive. I was supposed to write during my son's swimming lesson on Saturday, but I actually got to do a lot more than that - Saturday AND Sunday!

Achievements this week

  • Sorted out the details for my opening scene (brainstormed it during my 15 minute sessions during the week, but I haven't written it yet);
  • Put together my heroine's playlist for Act 1;
  • Put together some images for my writing vision board (hero and heroine so far);
  • Wrote what might turn out to be a prologue or a flashback - a scene that explains something important in the story;
  • An Active Imagination exercise to discover why I was feeling resistant to writing
This last was very informative. The reason I was resisting writing was because writing = giving, and I just didn't have anything left within me to give. Which meant I was in urgent need of some self care! As well as doing some small things for myself during the day, I've also looked at how I could make my writing space more attractive.

So I set up my writing room to appeal to my senses:
  1. I started burning benzoin and bergamot essential oils (appeals to sense of smell);
  2. I created the vision board of my characters (sense of sight);
  3. I write with a coffee/tea and some chocolate to hand (sense of taste);
  4. I put together the playlist for my heroine for her Act 1 arc (sense of hearing);

I'm working on what to do for sense of touch...

What I'm reading

Write Time by Ken Atchity has just been added to my Kindle library as it was recommended by Mary Carroll Moore in a recent post on her blog. Atchity was the inspiration for her finishing and publishing her first book, and it's where she got the idea of "islands" from. Right now I'm working on establishing a process that works for me. 15 minutes per day during the week followed by the playdate at the weekend worked well this week, and I want to make sure it's a sustainable habit.

One thing I am noticing, on the downside, is that whenever I immerse myself in writing, I find it hard to come back out of writer mode. And that doesn't work when you have a youngster around.

For instance, this morning I went to jot down some notes for a couple of scenes that were in my head as I woke up, and emerged three minutes later to find my offspring had disappeared from where I left him! A quick hunt out in the garden revealed his whereabouts, but it's not really the way I want to parent.

So, somehow I've got to limit myself during the week to just those 15 minutes and try and convince my Muse to percolate quietly until I'm ready to jot things down. :)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

ROW80: The Writer's Playdate goal

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I have one (writing-related) goal for this round, and that is:

  • To keep a Writer's Playdate on the Saturdays when my son has swimming lessons. 
In my last post before Christmas I mentioned that writing is no longer a priority, and that is true, but it doesn't mean that I want to give up on it COMPLETELY. Writing every day was not working for me. Working out the nitty gritty of my novel, documenting it, and daydreaming about it wasn't compatible with the other demands on my time and attention.

But two or three hours for a playdate? That, I think, is do-able.

I'm going to give it a go, anyway.

An Experiment

Some time ago, I blogged about a writing craft book I'd read called Writing in Overdrive by Jim Denney. In the epilogue, Denney describes an experiment based on something Dorothea Brande wrote about in Becoming a Writer. It's a 5-step process to write a story at a particular time and date. I'm not sure how well that process as it's outlined by Denney will fit into my schedule, but I do have an alternative and that is to use prompts to simply free-write a story for the playdate.

Let's see how that goes! :)

As always, wishing the best to all my fellow ROWers, and hoping 2015 has gotten off to a wonderful start for you all.

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