Monday, 2 February 2015

My First Writing Playdate!

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This weekend was very productive. I was supposed to write during my son's swimming lesson on Saturday, but I actually got to do a lot more than that - Saturday AND Sunday!

Achievements this week

  • Sorted out the details for my opening scene (brainstormed it during my 15 minute sessions during the week, but I haven't written it yet);
  • Put together my heroine's playlist for Act 1;
  • Put together some images for my writing vision board (hero and heroine so far);
  • Wrote what might turn out to be a prologue or a flashback - a scene that explains something important in the story;
  • An Active Imagination exercise to discover why I was feeling resistant to writing
This last was very informative. The reason I was resisting writing was because writing = giving, and I just didn't have anything left within me to give. Which meant I was in urgent need of some self care! As well as doing some small things for myself during the day, I've also looked at how I could make my writing space more attractive.

So I set up my writing room to appeal to my senses:
  1. I started burning benzoin and bergamot essential oils (appeals to sense of smell);
  2. I created the vision board of my characters (sense of sight);
  3. I write with a coffee/tea and some chocolate to hand (sense of taste);
  4. I put together the playlist for my heroine for her Act 1 arc (sense of hearing);

I'm working on what to do for sense of touch...

What I'm reading

Write Time by Ken Atchity has just been added to my Kindle library as it was recommended by Mary Carroll Moore in a recent post on her blog. Atchity was the inspiration for her finishing and publishing her first book, and it's where she got the idea of "islands" from. Right now I'm working on establishing a process that works for me. 15 minutes per day during the week followed by the playdate at the weekend worked well this week, and I want to make sure it's a sustainable habit.

One thing I am noticing, on the downside, is that whenever I immerse myself in writing, I find it hard to come back out of writer mode. And that doesn't work when you have a youngster around.

For instance, this morning I went to jot down some notes for a couple of scenes that were in my head as I woke up, and emerged three minutes later to find my offspring had disappeared from where I left him! A quick hunt out in the garden revealed his whereabouts, but it's not really the way I want to parent.

So, somehow I've got to limit myself during the week to just those 15 minutes and try and convince my Muse to percolate quietly until I'm ready to jot things down. :)


  1. You'll get there. Soon enough he'll discover the Play Station, then your battle will be to get him in the garden :).

    1. Yeah. Thing is I don't want anything electronic babysitting him... Messes with little one's brain waves and alters their attention span in a not-so-good way.
      No, I enjoy being a hands-on parent, but I just gotta keep my Muse in check so that it doesn't have me caught up in creating when I need to be Present. :)

  2. Love the idea of the visionboards for your characters. I create them for myself (usually at the full moon - which is tomorrow). It is a challenge to write when you have little ones. "This too shall pass " is a line I use - but be sure to enjoy them as much as possible. All the best in the week ahead.

    1. Thanks, Beverley. I have to say that even though my time isn't my own like it used to be, motherhood has been an immense blessing and I love my little guy to bits.
      The challenge now is to mesh Mother and Writer in a way that is win-win for everyone. :)

  3. You need a little voice recorder to carry around with you that way you can keep an eye on someone getting up to mischief and take notes at the same time :)

    I'm going to try using my phone to record notes instead of writing them down to see if I can get more done that way.

    1. That, Naomi, is an absolutely fantastic idea! Talk into the recorder, keep an eye on offspring. Absolutely perfect!
      I can use my phone or the snazzy-many-years-ago voice recorder (using a cassette tape) that's gathering dust.
      Excellent tip, Naomi. Thank you!

  4. I think you did well setting up your writing space, and like the sense stimulation you surround yourself with while writing.
    I love the sense of touch as my fingers fly over the keyboard. :-)
    Sounds like you have brought FUN back into your writing time.

  5. Thanks, DJ. :) Yes, the little changes have made a difference and we all know what they say about the beating of a butterfly's wings... :)


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