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Achievements, In Progress & Published


Sold & Published:

In Progress:
  • Revising TWB, a resurrected and resuscitated When Worlds Collide, a long-term stalled project once upon a time
  • Four flash fiction started
  • A series of posts for time-challenged writers


  • Successfully fast drafted and completed my first draft of TWB (working title)
  • Won NaNo 2013
  • Won CampNaNo April 2013






  • Won CampNaNo June 2012 with a previous incarnation of TWB, When Worlds Collide







This year I concentrated on creating without words - which helped me no end with my writing, I'm happy to say. I participated in an online art journalling workshop, 21 Secrets, which was an immense healing experience and provided me with profound insights into process and the power of our mistakes, lessons that were equally relevant to writing.

As for my stalled novel, WWC, I discovered some very important reasons as to why it got stalled and I tossed the eight or nine previous versions into a box file that I hid in a dark dusty corner. Next year I take up the challenge of writing the story it wants to be. :)

  • The Power of our Mistakes - a guest post written for soulspackle.com (blog now defunct).

In Progress:
  • Greenwood Manor II, the working title for the sequel to my GothNo 2008 novel. I'll be working on it during October and aiming for the 20K wordcount again. :)




    Book Trailer Love Published in Vision, Forward Motion's online magazine.

    Works Completed:

    Softly (GothNo 2010) First draft finished

    In Progress:
    • Revision of When Worlds Collide, my NaNo 2008 novel



    Works Completed:
    •  Book Trailer Love (non-fiction article)

    First Drafts Finished:

    • When Worlds Collide (NaNo 2008) - First draft finished; currently working on the edit.  
    • Greenwood Manor (GothNo 2008) - First draft finished and I've left it to marinate.


    Started but not Finished:
    • A Fantasy Short Story - this is turning into a novella! I've left the story so far where a critical decision has been made that takes my hero and heroine off on a dangerous quest...




    A Fun Way to Write Short Fiction  

    33 Worst Mistakes Writers make about the Celts (Published as part of Holly Lisle's now-defunct 33 Worst Mistakes series for writers)

    Greenwood Manor - GothNoWriMo 2008 A widow flees danger in London with her son and mother-in-law only to find that the country house in which she takes refuge is haunted.

    When Worlds Collide - NaNoWriMo 2008 After a car accident, a young woman finds herself hurtled into a strange world.





    Works completed
    • 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make about the Celts
    • A Fun Way to Write Short Fiction (non-fiction, )  
    • Only in Dark the Night - short story e-Harlequin's The Big Finish 2 (I couldn't submit it, though, as I'm not located in the US)
    •  Beyond Limits: Ben Underwood (non-fiction article written for The Ripple Effect blog)
    • The Law of Least Effort and what I learned from it (non-fiction, also for The Ripple Effect blog)


    Silent Magic (NaNo 2007) - about 63,000 words or thereabouts.

    I was extremely pleased because I won NaNo my first year participating with this story. :) However, I had outlined heavily before writing the novel and that messed up the joy of discovering what the story was about, so I've done nothing with it since. Some time in the future I might resurrect these characters and let them tell the story in their own way.

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